Thursday 17 January 2013

3 months on

3 months ago today, I was being wheeled into the operating theatre.

Some may think that that is a morbid thing to celebrate, but if you think before 18 October, I was debilitated with pain, working part time hours, and barely functioning. 

Almost a month after the operation I was back at work, full time hours, and back in my usual office. 

I've hardly rested since!

After getting used to working 9 - 5:15 again, I settled into a house routine at weekends, for stripping wallpaper, skirting boards, and moving furniture. I've returned to choir as well, scaring the old men that women will be taking everything over soon (my tenor voice is quite controversial). I even curated the People Of UK twitter account!

Look back, I've no idea how I managed to recover so quickly. I suspect it may have been due to the fact my life was pretty much on hold for the months of March - October, and my body wanted to hit 2013 running. 

But mainly, I think it is my mental attitude. I woke up one morning, after struggling post-op with infections, pain, lack of sleep, and no voice due to my intubation, and I thought: I've had enough. 

I got up with a determination which surprised me. And when my boss phoned that afternoon (he was ringing me weekly to see how I was), he was astonished with the change from one week to another. 

My positive mental attitude has stayed with me since (for the most part), seeing the positive in most of my interactions with people, keeping my family calm over the festive period, and now, trying to keep this theme running through 2013.

I treat each day like it is going to be my last pain free (ish) day. It is possible as flare ups and an eventual repeat operation will be required. So every day is precious, and I am trying my hardest not to forget it!

Much love my lovelies

K x


  1. This is quite inspiring. It's often the moments when you hit rock bottom that you fight back and amaze people.

    I'm so glad you've found the strength in yourself and make a full an speedy recovery!

    Nikki x

  2. You're an inspiration <3 xx

  3. You've done reall well, and should be very proud of yourself. My Mum has had lots of surgery and each time surprises everybody with how quickly she recovers, and she has a very positive attitude to it all as well. She wills herself to get up and do things where others will lay down and not try as it hurts. x