Thursday 20 September 2012

Separates and Swallows...

My separate challenge started off with a heavy emphasis on skirts - mainly to help with my transition from dresses I think! - but since these came into my life, I've been managing separates a lot more. 

Don't get me wrong, dresses will always be my go to item, the first thing I look at on any clothing website, but I like how adventurous I'm getting! Sometimes I get it right. Sometimes not so much! I am trying to get better though! 

I'll be honest, I wasn't sure this worked, but warmed to it over the day:

I teamed my SimplyBe tunic with an Excite clothing shrug. When the lovely team at Excite sent me a big bag of shrugs, the pink was one I was looking forward to wearing to try and challenge me into wearing a more feminine colour palette! 

There was just too much sun in the house this morning, and by trying to make it less exposed, I've made it really dark! Oops!

I keep forgetting about this tunic, and get a lovely surprise whenever I 'rediscover' it. I forget how many colours are in this top, from the pale greens, to the subtle pinks / purples and the deep navy...

I then, rather adventurously, added my wine coloured tailored trousers to the mix:

I wasn't convinced, and if I'd had time to, I would have probably changed them for a 'safe' black top. But I was running late, so went with it!!

I am really happy with this combination - in the winter months, I can see the pink shrug making way for a heavy cardigan, and I might add some socks and brogues to the mix, but yup, I think I'm a fan of this look now!

When I got in from work this afternoon, I was met with my lucky dip purchase from kitschensink, where for £5, I got an item, or items worth £15. Just amazing! So this little beauty arrived: 

 Can you tell I like it?

Also, it is the blog debut of my new glasses! They're taking a little getting used to, but I do like that they're different, and TRENDY!!

So there we have it!

K x


  1. Oooh that's such a pretty tunic and I love the colour of those trousers! xx

  2. I thought there was something different about you - it's the glasses! I really like them.

  3. I thought there was something different about you - it's the glasses! I really like them.

  4. I love this look, all the colours look gorgeous together and trousers really show off your lovely shapely legs x

  5. You look great! I've somehow managed to not try simply be I definitely need to as you look so fab! Also big bag of shrugs is such a win I wear a shrug with everything on my blog!! Fabulous !!!


  6. I'm also addicted to dresses but trying to be more adventurous :)