Tuesday 4 September 2012

Mam's the Word!

My Mam does struggle with the idea of blogging, she doesn't really 'get it', and thinks I'm 'vain' for taking so many photos of myself. 

But, that aside, after placing a large order with SimplyBe, she agreed to let me photograph her in her items! I wasn't going to pass this up!

First up was this Jeffery & Paula tunic. My Mam likes her tunics, and has the most AMAZING legs, so regularly rocks a pair of leggings with a dress / tunic that I wouldn't DARE try:

She found this tunic rather shapeless and baggy in the size 22. Not only that, but with her blonde hair, she was conscious it drained her colouring:

Next up, was the Joe Browns tunic in a 22:

I had pointed out that this was made out of a heavy material, and I was concerned she would find it too warm. I was right. But wrong. 

She loves the quirky print, and likes that while it is warm, her arms are bare, so she would be able to feel toasty warm, but not overly hot. A winner for her office and floating between offices and different sites. 

See what I mean? Those LEGS! She plans to wear with leggings, and either her riding boots, or possibly these boots in black:

Next came this Jeffery & Paula hooded jumper:

Mam likes to be snuggled, and feels the cold rather easily - I blame her school days in London! - so this is perfect for her:

She LOVED this! The length is perfect on her (she is 5"6), and again - leg envy! I can see her with her grey riding boots cutting a figure around her office! 

And finally, this number:

She ordered this in a 20, and it a was a wonderful fit with both the hooded jumper under it (although, in her words, it gave her a 'hump' where the hood sat under the coat), and with the Joe Browns short sleeved tunic.

We had good fun with this 'trying on session', in which I got this dress:

And whilst it is much more 'slinky' than I normally wear, I felt amazing in it! I felt with the right tights and heels, it would be an amazing fit and flattering to boot! 

A disclaimer of sorts: My Mam is a picky consumer. She doesn't buy things she 'might' wear. She buys things and wears them to DEATH!

Maybe I've converted her to Simply Be? We can only wait and see!

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. Your mam looks amazing in her purchases...she obviously kbkws her own style well so hence the wearing stuff she buys to death. And oh my days, she really does have great legs - v.jealous.
    Have been eyeing that dress up actually looks better on, so now even more tempted!!
    Really great post x

  2. What a lovely post, your mam rocks! And I LOVE that dress on you!

    Em xx