Wednesday 19 September 2012


I've been thinking about this idea a lot recently.


Having the same right as another. 

The dictionary defines it as: "The state of being equal, esp. in status, rights, and opportunities".

But as we know, it is not as simple as that. 

I saw a great quote the yesterday, on Facebook of all places:

"I learned first-hand that fat people are the recipients of the last remaining socially acceptable prejudice. Racism and sexism will get you ostracised in more enlightened communities, but you can mock fat people all you want."

We're fair game, aren't we? A fat, easy target?

So often, us fatties use humour as a defense mechanism anyway, that we would probably laugh, or extent the joke further. By doing this though, are we not saying: 'YES! It's okay to make fun of me. Continue?'

I was watching, of all things, The Chase (if you're not familiar, it is a game show in the UK with Bradley Walsh), where the 'Beast' came on. I was very angry. Here, on prime time (7pm on a Sunday evening) telly, we had a popular face of TV mock the Beast for his sheer size. No other reason for this. The Beast responded in turn. I can't remember these comments, I was too shocked, and probably too busy frantically tweeting my fury. 

Why am I annoyed?

We know children learn behaviour they see around them. At 7pm on that Sunday, they saw that it was okay to mock someone for being FAT. If it had been race, or disability, or creed, it would have been an OUTRAGE across the social media world. I didn't see anything about it: did you?

No, and that is because it is seen as acceptable.

We are showing our children that bullying someone for their size is okay. That mocking them for eating a bag of crisps is funny. How do we know that that is the only food they'll have today? We don't. 

So I say we're not as equal as others, not while Fat Hating is rife. 

What I do say is: we can be Healthy at Every Size (HAES), and someone who is a size 2, could be more unhealthy than a person who is a size 22. 

Who are we to judge?

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. I see it often on Tv and in films and it infuriates me too, I see it on my facebook timeline even from family and friends, no one considers that it might offend someone or that they are teaching children and young adults that this behaviour is ok, IT IS NOT! it continues to make me sad, it seems when one form of discrimination becomes unseemly and frowned upon that the go to the next one fat seems to be the hot topic these days :(

    1. Thanks Mhairi, it might be that I'm more aware of it, so I'm more sensitive to it.

      Still, doesn't make it right, and we're just perpetuating the behaviour.

      K x

  2. Excellent Post, and very well said too.

    I think mocking fat people is socially acceptable because being fat is seen as a lifestyle choice.

    Whereas being of race or disabled obviously isn't a lifestyle choice.
    Maybe those who bully others because of their size, see us as an easy target, because discrimnating against race, sex, or disability is against the law. We all know people who still discrimante against these groups I'm sure. And I'm sure we'll all agree the way to stop this is through education and not accepting the discrimination. We need to do this when it comes to fat shaming.

    1. Good point there Kaye, I think that people perceive fat as a choice, the same as thin is seen as a choice.

      Ignorance is not an excuse x

  3. I don't understand it Vicky, I wouldn't dream of shouting anything like that.

    It happened for the first time to me the other week, and I froze!