Sunday 15 July 2012

Plus North IRL

Hello great followers! 

I am massively excited to be reliving the event that was Plus North. I knew it would be good, (see here), but I didn't expect it to be this amazing!

In my earlier post, I explained a little as to what Caroline (of CurvyWordy fame) and I got up to in Leeds, but stopped short of the Main Event!

The Main Event!

We had an early night in preparation on Friday, and were up all bright eyed and bushy tailed:

I had already planned to wear my Lady Vintage dress from this post, but I needed a cardigan to go with it - I opted for this cardigan by Little Miss Delicious:

I chose the 18-20 so it would fit my waist, which it does perfectly.

Once Caroline and I arrived at Aspire - a beautiful venue in Leeds City Centre - we were whisked away to Simply Be to try on the outfits we were to be modelling on the catwalk. Oh yes, the catwalk! But I'm getting too far ahead of myself!

We had the option of heading down two flights of stairs to try the clothes on in the swanky bathroom, OR, strip off in front of everyone, and hurriedly try on our outfits for immediate approval / suggestions from the other blogging models. I opted to get changed there and then... I only later realised that in my prancing state that there were males walking in and out of the mezzanine level!

Whilst changing, we had the chance to introduce ourselves (even though we really knew each other already), and I caught up again with Kaye (after meeting her at the Simply Be Stockton Opening), I also 'met' Dannielle, Rosie and caught up with Cyn - a fellow model from Plus London! Pals in Arms almost! Cyn wasn't happy with her outfits, and so we mixed and matched instead. The camaraderie was there, ready to help us if needed! We didn't need it.

With the outfits settled, I was keen to catch up with, well, everyone! But it was Benefit make up time. And I was a bad blogger and didn't get a photo of the makeup - suffice to say I've added Pore-ffesional, They're Real, and a brow visit to my list of 'must haves'!

Make up done, I handed my hair straighteners to Cyn, and headed downstairs to get my name badge:

This was where we met the comedy duo that was Mr BeBe, and his partner in crime, Ben. I can see how they kept Becky sane, or drove her to distraction, one of the two! 

Whilst at the 'front desk', Hayley Wall swanned in, looking luscious in her post Barcelona glow:

Thanks to for the photograph

We had a wander around the stalls as they were setting up, and I had the opportunity to hand out a couple of these:

 My new business cards from Staples in Crown Point! Suitably vintage and girly I hope!

We had the pleasure of meeting the lovely PeskyChloe, and my name badge gained an extra visitor:

I'm sure you'll agree that he is a sweetie!

On chatting with the brands there, I have to say I'm looking forward to working with Excite Clothing and Curvissa in the future, brands who are looking to develop and work with us to make sure they meet the needs of the growing plus size community.

The competition to 'dress' the dress form was a brilliant idea!

I added my Little Miss Delicious cardigan as I couldn't resist adding the burst of colour! To check out the other outfits, visit - and add a sneaky 'like' if you like as well!

Suddenly it was catwalk time!

Strangely, I wasn't nervous. I knew I was in a room of positivity, of inclusion, and most of all, of warmth. 

The 12 models all lined up ready for the catwalk to commence - Charlotte-of-SimplyBe was ready to read out our outfits, and where appropriate, our blog addresses. We were ready:

My first outfit. I cobbled this together, and so glad I did! I loved the jeans, and think it needed to be shown that fat lasses can wear skinny jeans. I have chunky calves, and large thighs, but felt AMAZING in these size 20 skinny jeans from Simply Be. The COLOUR is delightful. I can't decide if the outfit works or not, but I loved the sparkly animal print top, and as it needed a belt to give it shape, I needed to add the light tan belt. 

Second outfit:

This is my favourite. And I think it shows! I love purple, but never loved my legs enough to encase them in it! Now though, well, try to stop me!

I know that skater dresses work for me, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to wear this on the catwalk, and show how great it can look.

You want to see how amazing we looked on the catwalk?


After the catwalk was over - which was all too quickly if you ask me - the models were told they could keep the clothes as a thank you - blumming generous lot if you ask me!

As you can see, we were a very happy bunch after that news!

Now we were free to enjoy the rest of the day. I managed to sit for all of 5 minutes, before heading off to talk to Tesco for a little bit, getting excited about their work on their plus size 'True' range, and their work in their virtual dressing room.

I was able to get my nails painted (quickly), to match the outfit I'd planned for the evening, and stole a number of fruitella sweets from the Curvissa stall! - I've requested parma violets and macaroons from them next year!

The prize draw was pulled, and so many happy faces as the winners  paraded up the catwalk. As we were wrapping up, I suddenly realised who half of the wonderful women were! I am so sorry if I didn't speak to you, or didn't know who you were, I was rather flustered by being in a room with so many amazing and beautiful ladies in it - I did the best I could!

I not only got a goodie bag as a thank you from SimplyBe, but I also got a gift bag from the lovely Plus North team!

Now, the Plus North team. Many things have been said already about the wonderful job these women did of planning this event in 6 MONTHS. Imagine what they could do in 12 MONTHS!

They tirelessly dealt with emails, with brands and with venues. Please visit and and and show their blog some love. This is the best gift we can offer. Until next year when we can buy tickets and show our support again.

As we were leaving we hastily came up with a plan for tea - Jamie's Italian. We speedily rushed back to the hotel to get freshened up before the table booked for 8:30. Other than a delayed taxi and masses of rain, our night went as planned. 

My outfit was arranged in advance: My Collectif top (in a 20 this time), my Domino Dollhouse skirt and my Collectif petticoat for added umph!

I even went bare legged - unheard of for me, but with a bit of Vaseline smeared to avoid chub rub, I was set!

A merry time was had by all, and I have to say, I even stepped up on the Karaoke stage!

Much love my lovelies, see you next year, 

K x


  1. Great write up - makes me even sadder that I missed it - I HAVE to go next year!!! xXx

    1. Goodness, I've only just realised how much I'd written!

      And yes, please do come next year!! xxx

  2. It was great you looked amazing I love your night time outfit ! Xx

    1. So do I if I'm honest! One I'll definitely resurrect again! x