Tuesday 10 July 2012


Disclaimer time: I have a love hate relationship with Leeds. I lived there whilst doing my Teacher Training 7 years ago, so not the best of times! But after a view fleeting visits, I have slowly realised why I hated it - I didn't get the chance to enjoy what this city had to offer!

Once PlusNorth was announced, Caroline (of CurvyWordy fame) and I decided to make a bit of a holiday of it! Wednesday arrived, and I reckon I'd packed for about 2 weeks, not 4 nights!! 

I wore my ASDA £6 dress, my ExciteClothing shrug from eBay, and my red nurses belt, again from eBay. I pinned my shrug in place with a couple of brooches - who needs to sew it in place! 

The Premier Inn Leeds West was slightly out of town, but the staff were top notch! I didn't get a chance to investigate too much as Caroline and I were off to meet Toni to go to a Nelly High Heels event in the Oracle bar. 

You can just about see myself, Caroline and Toni - picture courtesy of

We got to chose three shoes, one of which will be delivered to us! I'm a flat shoes kinda girl, and I'm a wide footer, so I've chosen some shoes well out of my comfort zone - in two sizes too small:

The Oracle bar was lush, but busy, so we headed out to Frankie & Bennies, so we could talk and eat and laugh. We headed back to Toni's, and some clothes were swapped! 

Thursday dawned, and Caroline and I had a mission: we wanted to go to Bravissimo, and have a wander about Leeds City centre. 

Before I'd left home on the Wednesday, my ASOS sale order had arrived. That meant I was able to wear this dress for my wander about Leeds:

I love the print, and the elasticated waist sits in the perfect place on me, but a belt would add an interesting twist to it I think. 

After finding parking a bother, we headed to Bravissimo, via the Doc Martin shop (hellooooo, leather smell!), and can I just say how lovely the ladies at Brav were? I went in a 36H, came out a 36HH, and with a plain white 'Satine', and my favourite:

We then mooched around, stopping for coffee, popping into Boots (helloooooo light up make up mirror with magnifier - 50% off!).

We made it back to the hotel and had a trying on session. Before we realised, it was gone 9pm and we'd not had dinner! The hotel restaurant beckoned. £22 got us breakfast and a 3 course dinner, so we knew we HAD to make use of our prepaid meal!

I was a bit rubbish come Friday after 2 late nights and no naps (!) so forgot to take a photo of the outfit, but it was this dress! We met up with some friends for a trip to Dorothy Perkins and in the end, that was about all we managed! Post to follow on the dress I found in there. 

White Rose was next on our list - and boy was it worth the trip! An Inspire section in New Look, and an actual Evans shop! I picked up some bedding in Primark, some brogues in Clarks, and this black skater dress from Inspire:

I already had it in the purple, but I love it in the black - and a perfect dress to go with my new WeLoveColors leggings!

Friday ended with Caroline and I eating in the hotel, and getting an early night, in preparation for our reason for going to Leeds in the first place: Plus North!

Gosh, I have rambled on, haven't I!? I'll cover PlusNorth in more detail in my next post. 

I have missed you all, and I'm sorry about my blog absense!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. OMG YOU GURLS HAD SUCH A FUN TIME! A holiday indeed! :O

    I too have a weird situation with Leeds (and the whole of Yorkshire), but we were all in safe company. x

    1. **hugs**

      The power of fatties eh? I love that the spirit of London came to Leeds - shows that it is us, and not adversity, that brings it out! Does that make sense?

      K x

  2. Glad you enjoyed White Rose - that's my local centre!
    The dresses in this post are gorgeous =)