Wednesday 25 July 2012

Mission Accepted: Separates

I joke I wear a lot of dresses. I own a lot too! But now I've 'mastered' (haahaaa) the art of the dress, I need to challange my use of separates now I think.

I don't mean a short lived '7 Day Challenge', I mean a meaningful change over a period of time. It started today really - my ASOS order arrived yesterday, and I've only tried one thing on so far, and I'm wearing it today.

It needed some consideration as to what I could pair it with, and I originaly had it with a neon yellow tee, which detracted from the skirt completely. And where was the fun in that?! The fun is in the skirt, not the top. See, I need to learn these things!

I paired it with my ancient (6years+) white tee with subtle sparkle, mainly because of the length. It is short enough to wear over the top of the skirt. I am so used to tucking into skirts these days, I don't own any 'short' tops to wear with this! I'll keep an eye out and try to pick some up (plain ones from ASDA should do it. I am thinking pastel blues / pinks - possibly a hot pink as well. But you see, I'm unsure!!

Enough of the talking! I need to put my pictures where my words are:

Image 3 of ASOS CURVE Skirt In Florida Print

I fell for the print of this skirt (obviously!) and love that it is a 'fuller' skirt!


I added my ASDA navy blazer to make it a little more 'business dress' -  and I feel really summery in this! I love the material, and yes, it does need an iron (just wanted to wear it today for a bit of a pick me up!)

So there we have it, a nice departing from my usual "Here is a dress I wore" posts - so rather happy with this!

I added a number of accessories as well to this combination - I had an extra couple of minutes to work this out, which is the only reason I don't normal wear earrings etc!

My new earrings are from Dainty Roses: - little blue flowers - perfect and girly!

My necklace is a pale pink racing car from Collectif, but no longer available:

And my brooch is again from Dainty Roses - but I bought the last one:

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. I love the skirt it's lovely the print is really fun! You look great xx

    1. Thank you pretty lady! I suspect it won't translate to winter very well though :S x

  2. I adore this skirt and have perved it myself on ASOS but never taken the plunge. You have styled it fantastically! :-))

    Lisa xx

    1. Take the plunge and try it! I wasn't sure either, but figured it was worth a try!

      I still need to work on styling, but thanks! xx

  3. Love that skirt! :) Looking great as always :) x

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