Thursday, 15 October 2015

Shaming Body Shaming

It seems that not a week goes by without a brand (plus size or otherwise) dipping their toe into the world of 'motivational' posts which end up perpetuating the idea that you have to shame one body type to praise another. We don't need clothing brands to preach at us with 'motivational' posts - just show us clothes!!

I'm not one to just roll my eyes and walk away, because it's not explaining WHY I unfollowed. And what's the point of talking about a brand (or a person) behind their back, if you're not willing to say it to their face? So yes, I do call out brands who share the body-shaming content in the guise of a 'funny meme', in the hope that they realise their mistake, and learn from it. 
Which is what led me to call out Pink Clove, when they shared this:

Shaming because it perpetuates the idea of 'good fat' - the hourglass figure, and that the boobs and the bums of the world are better than the stomachs and thighs. 

It was some time ago, but I still refuse to shop with Pink Clove because their response was to block people from their Facebook page, not to tackle the core issue with this post! I don't do this because I like an argument, or because I want to shame them into apologising, but because I want them to BE BETTER!

Next on the 'Kathryn's No Shop List' is Taking Shape. As if their Skinny Bird Watching wasn't enough at London Fashion Week, they then posted this, which gave me a headache, I eye rolled that hard!!

Some would say, the issue isn't with these images themselves, but with how they respond to them:

This is why I got involved with the awesome @radfatfeminist, and her brain child @shamebodyshame (called such because we couldn't think of a succinct name!). Because it takes more than one voice to comment and get behind a campaign.

And I really don't need to explain as to why my eyeliner game is struggling right now do I? (read the post here). We both might have taken the step to boycott the brands who we feel haven't redeemed themselves, but it's something we both came to the decision to do separately!! And we don't judge others who do continue to patronise those stores, but would like people to be aware of who they're buying from or working with. The rest is to settle with their own conscience. 

While Sharon and I are working on the finer points of @shamebodyshame (such as our name!) - our efforts aren't going unnoticed. Just this week, after a dozen or more RTs, Dorothy Perkins got in touch to let us know they're keen to improve and will take our comments on board. Sculptresse also stated they thought it was a funny meme, but will think about what they post in the future. It proves that calling brands out on mistakes like this is a team effort - it can't just be one acting alone.

We now have brands tweeting products from their Curve range, RTing posts from the psblogging community about the curve range, and I'd like to think that was a little down to the work of @shamebodyshame and the work Sharon and I have done, and will continue to do. 

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. Love this - hate 'inspirational' quotes!

    C xx

  2. I hate the inspirational quotes too, all bodies are good why is it necessary to put someone else's down to feel good about your own?

  3. I wish brands focused on listening to the needs of underrepresented sizes instead of winning hip points on social media. Keep up the good work guys!

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