Tuesday 3 February 2015

Wear A Coat As Bright As Your Lipstick

I would like to take you beauts back in time, if I may? 

Back to the awesome Plus North 3, in a land far far away (Leeds, but still), where I first encountered this lovely coat, and the saw how the sample size coat fit my dear friend Katie, just made it even more imperative that I owned it!

I was sent the coat by the ace PR team behind Ann Harvey, and it was just a case of finding a good day to wear it. 

It's not a winter coat you see, it's an inbetweener kind of a coat. It's lined, which is awesome, but it's also very light weight otherwise.

I first wore it to the wedding rehearsal way back in December:

But felt the cold very much as I was rushing around Durham, so it got shelved a little bit until one of the North East's warmer days last month:

Eee, look at my face! It just sums up my sheer joy at wearing this coat! Although, the eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed my sleeves. For the arms do fall short on me, but by wearing a black cardigan underneath, this is easily resolved.

Matching your coat with your lipstick! Always a good move!

I have to say, Bon Marche did good with stocking this coat. It appeals so much to my 60s mod sid
e, whilst also being such a good fit!

And before you ask, yes it does fasten up completely, I am just not one to do my coat up! I'm 30 going on 3!! 

I got this coat in a 22, as I knew I wouldn't really want to fasten it, and that was how I wanted the coat to sit, but if I did want to wear anything thicker than a t shirt and cardigan, I would have had to size up. But I don't really wear jumpers so I'm alright on that score!

The lovely Katie from Lady From A Tramp had her Mam review this coat for her here, as pure coincidence!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. Love this coat - I love a colourful coat especially as it doesn't matter what you're wearing underneath it will always brighten up your day. You look lovely.


    1. Thanks Leah! It's a proper grown up, smart coat! I love it x