Monday 28 July 2014


Re-purposing seems to be one of those words you can not get away from right now! Just the same as upcycling (no, not riding a bike up hill) and distressing (no, not what happens when I accidentally step on the cat's tail!).

So, what is this re-purposing? 

Well, I'm a fan of the mystery bag. When companies offer £60 worth of products for £25 - but you don't know what you're getting!

It's like buying yourself a present, and you genuinely don't know what you're going to get!!

The likes of Tatty Devine do it once or twice a year, but smaller companies do it to. 

The drawbacks though, well, what if you've already got that item? Or if it's a ring, and it's too small? Or in my case, a bracelet, and it's too small?

There is only so much regifting (putting it in my Christmas draw and hoping to have someone to give it to by then!), a girl can do. 

So, faced with a challenge of 'make it WORK', I set to task!

First up was the hair slide. 

I have bright red hair, and there are just some colours I don't want to put near it. Also, I have my mother's voice ringing in my head saying 'Mother's special girl' - and not in a good way.

Excusing my steamed up lenses, but my ASOS Swing Shirt seemed a perfect match for Mr Battenburg - and while I loved it, I did get a few funny comments in the office! But, hair slide as brooches and the like? I LIKE!

Next up was a charm bracelet (similar here). It just did not sit right on me, so I set about with a pair of pliers and...

Sorry about my freshly cleansed face, but ta daaaaa!

Once my Mam saw what I had managed, I was swiftly given this little job to do:

So, re-purposing - it really is a thing :)

I'm now looking for more things to try to mix up a little!

Now, where is my glue gun...

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

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