Friday 16 May 2014

Introducing The Curve

When Georgina, over at She Might Be blogged about The Curve, I was keen to head over to their website and stalk their wares!

And I was rather annoyed at what I saw:

And instead of approaching the brand, and talking to them, I just ranted about them on twitter instead. Oh, here comes another brand that doesn't understand us - yadda yadda. 

But then I was rather embarrassed to be contacted by them, and asked if I would email my concerns to them so they can address them.

I train my staff to be proactive on social media, but I never thought I would be the receiver of such good social media practice. 

I outlined my concern with the use of the phrase 'real girls' and how it created an 'us and them' situation - when body positivity is a battle everyone is fighting, not just plussize women - so don't put one body type down in order to raise another. How about all bodies are great bodies and be done with it!!

I'm going off point here. 

The fact was, The Curve had not thought of it being read in that way. They were referring to women who wanted fashion forward, on trend clothes for their size. It was that simple for them. I was assured that they would change their website and remove that slogan. 

It is no longer on their website. WIN!

I also pointed out how limiting their size range is - going up to a 22, which can be bought in ASDA, Tesco, Sainsbury's etc, meant a lot of my friends, and you lovely readers of mine, would be sized out of their amazing clothes. 

I have been assured that is because they are new and starting out, and that future collections would have an extended size. WOOOO HOOOO!!

Gobbing off on Social Media had a result! I had my concerns addressed, and promises made that they would be fixed for future collections. 

When they then offered me some of their spring collection to review, I was over the moon, and keen to pair these:

I went for their biggest, the size 22, and hoped for the best!

I'll be honest, the packaging made my night! 

A sturdy box, with the items carefully wrapped in tissue paper, it honestly felt like Christmas - THE BOX!!

Sadly, the skirt and the top did not fit - a very very snug 22 (or I am used to more generous sized 22's, one of the two) - the top was tight everywhere, on the arms and across the chest especially, whereas the skirt didn't cover my ample bottom, but was so so so pretty, I was thinking of wearing as belt, but even then realised it didn't really fit my waist enough either!

Look at the cut out detail!!

I was so hoping these would work, and I had planned on this being a rather swanky post - I mean check out my pictures:

But then a photobombing cat sort of ruined the effect really...

They also sent over this Power Blazer:

Which I wore very much as a cardigan more than a blazer:

But I'm looking forward to playing with it in a less pouffy skirt to see if I can get the jacket to look more business formal than dress down chic. I am working on it, promise!!

So, to recap - The Curve, a great new venture which is learning and grows and somewhere to look for great quality, finishing details and something completely different. Sadly not for me at the moment due to the size range, but once it expands, I'll be back!

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. Great review, the clothes look really nice too xx

  2. Good to see a company listening to it's audience and lets hope they extend the range as from what I have seen so far it looks good x

  3. I got really worried when I first starting reading this but I am SO pleased with the outcome. That did put me off a little also however I gathered that's what they meant as they didn't really go into much detail over that statement anywhere. However, it's incredibly pleasing knowing that a company cares about their customers so much as to keep us happy like that and really listen. Amazing company, and a great PR approach!
    Hurrahh! xx

  4. I can't help wondering if such companies actually try out their sizing on plus sized women before making the clothing?

  5. Good evening! I've nominated your for the Liebster Award - I bet you get this all the time, but just wanted to let you know I really enjoy reading your blog! Hope you take part.
    Simone | Thirty Something OAP