Sunday 11 May 2014

Blogger Teaspoon Weekend!

The weekend as a whole has been pretty darn eventful!

Getting through to the next stage in my Chase audition, having Beth over to stay, heading off to my first local blogging event, before heading off to a date straight after! Phew! No wonder my idea of excitement today was ironing!!

Beth was visiting to not only meet the lovely Maggie:

But also to come to the Blogger Teaspoon event, organised by the lush Rachel and Becca:

Picture taken from Rachel's IG

While Beth was downstairs getting hooked on the Gilmore Girls, I was working on my quiiff (massively overdue a hair cut, so quiffs AHOY!):

And, with my Pink Clove Ballerina dress, I was ready to go!

Beth and I hopped onto the metro, and headed into town, meeting the ladies who would all later occupy the 'loudest (read: bestest) table in the room!': Emily, Lou, Charlotte, and of course, Beth and myself. We also met up with the lovely Hannah, Jay and Simone, and I Brown Owl marched them all up to the venue: the delightful Salsa Cafe

The teaspoon team had done an amazing job, as upstairs had been turned into a rustic tearoom!

Which looked like this after about an hour!

The tea from TeaPigs was an unexpected treat (I was hoping for Yorkshire tea in on tap, but...) - the popcorn tea was perfect. I got about 4 cups out of the one bag as well which was unexpected!!

Although, I'm sure what I will remember the most about the event, was the company, the welcoming feel and the laughs. Oh the LAUGHS!

But more than anything, it was how heartfelt Rachel's speech was, it was the fact that the charity which means so much to her is now £193 better off, all down to her and Becca's hard work. 

It was the fact that while most of us were enjoying TeaPigs in our tea cups, some of us (Rachel) were having wine in theirs:

So much so, I can't wait for the next one, for getting to chat to Doris some, and winning a perfect plaque in the raffle:

Doris and Rachel

Prize on my mantle piece!

And after this wonderful afternoon, I headed off to my date with 'Owl Boy' or Steve. 

All in all, a great Saturday, meeting new people I'd love to add into my life, and so so many laughs

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. Thank you so much for your lovely words and for coming

  2. Aw it was so lovely to see you babe! :) Lets do it again soon! Em xo

  3. Awh, I want to come steal maggie cuddles :(
    It was such a lovely day meeting you all :) x

  4. It was such a good event :) and a great write-up :) love the photos!

    K xx