Thursday 20 February 2014

Welcome to Turkey!

My first week in Turkey is drawing to close, but the 12 hours travel, 3 flights, and getting frisked at security twice was most definitely worth it!

I'm here for work, but plan to make the most of my weekends in the beautiful city of Izmir. When I was here back in October, I was made to feel so welcome and part of the team, and now it is no different. 

These past few nights have involved room service or eating in the hotel restaurant (check out my Instagram for updates on beautiful food, and the best cheesecake EVER).

As I'm here for 4 weeks, and only had a luggage allowance of one bag, I've packed a bumper load of separates, and set my self a challenge not to wear the same combination - be that through cardigan swapping, or what, I don't know. It's going to be rather interesting to see how things go. 

I've also underestimated the weather in February, and my footwear is COMPLETELY wrong. I mean, biker boots? REALLY???

So, first off, a revisit for this, only with black hair, obviously:

My striped folk print lace dress from Simply Be, complete with my Little Miss Delicious cardigan (and biker boots, out of shot):

My Collectif Liesel skirt, with Lovedrobe for Evans top:

And today, I fancied a little corporate-ness, in my Team Enterprise Services tee shirt, and my Collectif Liesel skirt.

So, 4 outfits down, and about another 21 to go - with trips to the sea side planned, as well as shopping in bazaars! 

Wish me luck!

Much love, 



  1. I never knew Peter Griffin had a sister

  2. I hope you are having a fabulous time (even though it is work related!) I love Turkey and look forward to more outfit posts xx

  3. Looking great Kathryn. I love Vicky's comment. :) Enjoy yourself out there. X

  4. How jealous, enjoy your time in Turkey xx

  5. Oooo I love Turkey im back out there in a few weeks with work x

  6. ooh I've never been to Turkey (but am moving to Germany in July). What kind of work do you do?