Friday 7 June 2013

The Magnificent 7th Maxi

I can't believe it is this time of the month again, looking at the depths of my wardrobe to find an item which'll meet the requirements.

This month's challenge involves the humble maxi dress. They have been turning up for a good few years now, but for some reason I have steered clear of them.

When the right-lush Rosie wore her Simply Be Galaxy Print Maxi recently I swooned:

I quickly realised I had been quick to judge the world of the maxi dress, and that this needed fixing, STAT!

When Valerie showcased hers:

There was just no question that this was going to make it's merry way into my wardrobe. My phobia of Maxi's be DAMNED!! 

I was over the moon when Simply Be had 20% off this BEAUT of a dress, and as soon as it arrived I threw it on to wear to the office:

The world didn't end, no one died, there wasn't an International Incident. PHEW! It was a cool May day when I wore this to work, but I'm hoping to throw it on with abandon sometime in the coming days without the blazer:

So there you have it, my Magnificent 7th Maxi Challenge completed without realising it - I could have sworn that the theme was something entirely different!

If this has whet your appetite for maxi's, go and check these beautiful ladies and see how they sit on the whole Maxi matter!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. It looks fab on you! No regrets! lol

  2. I adore that dress and it looks fantastic on you xx

  3. Bloody love this dress, you look great! Off to SimplyBe I go!

  4. I love this dress but I'm biased - I have it too! Xx

  5. It's such an absolute beaut of a dress. It looks good on everyone, it seems, but you look especially cuuuuute!