Friday 8 June 2012


I had planned a giveaway (like Becky) when I hit my 69th follower. Now I've assembled enough prizes to make me happy, I'm now at 72 followers. But as I used to be a massive fan of JJ72, it still feels apt!

So, I have one prize of the starter lash kit:

 Another prize of three Cath Kidston moisturisers:

The 'main prize' is this notebook and nail kit combination:

So how do you enter this giveaway of mine?

Well, the usual:
Competition closes 12 midday 15/6/12

Much love my lovelies, and good luck!

K x


  1. I would like to win the notepad because I'm a bit of a list a holic and there is nothing better than a good notepad to write them in xx congrats on all the followers too

  2. Definitely the notepad...stationery and nail bits are my weakness! xxx

  3. I would like to win the eyelashes so I can wear them to Plus North and flutter them at you ;)

  4. I would like to win everything because I;m greedy lol.
    I do love the nail pack though as long as the ladies at Plus North can show me how to use it xx

  5. Eeeeek! Congrats on your 72!!! and also.... if I may.....
    69 DUDE!!!!

    *ahem* I would super duper really extremely badly love to win the Cath Kidston Moisturisers <3 But also the lashes... and the rest tbh but definitely the moisturisers lol


  6. I would like to win the cath kidston stuff, do I need a reason? O.k because I've never tried it. Lol

  7. THe note pad and nail kit is the one for me, I have to admit to a slight obsession with notebooks, no one gets it, but I have 3 on my desk right now :) and I need to seriously start sorting my nails :) xx

  8. Any of them would be awesome, but I especially would like the notebook one. That way, I could take it to school and people would ask me, "Where'd you get that cool notebook?!" Then I could say "My awesome friend in ENGLAND sent it to me" and make them super jealous. :D Plus, I don't have anything with the Union Jack, and I think it's time to remedy that. ;) LOL

  9. I'd have to say the handcreams as I 'm all union jacked out and allergic to eyelash glue! Well done on your fab increase in followers. x

  10. Awwww huge congratulations on doing so well, may it long continue. Honestly I think the handcreams would be my total favourite as I completely adore Kath Kidson and I just adore anything with the ditsy rose print on it, plus my hands take a serious battering at the moment as I'm DIYing like a maniac at the moment. Would be nice to get a little TLC for them.

    Much love, and many new followers :)

  11. I think if I was to choose just one it would be the notebook and nail kit, as a general rule you can never have too many notebooks and pretty nails are key to not biting them down ridiculously short :) I'm pretty sure my sister would love those eyelashes though, i'd never get a chance to look at them never mind wear them.