Saturday 16 June 2012

2 Shades of Grey


I was unduly worried about my hospital appointment - and wanted to make sure I came across as together, and intelligent.
Almost like speed dating! 

The outfit had to allow for easy access to the stomach area, so I needed a legging / jean combination. I also wanted something to keep my spirits up!

My appointment went well, I am now on the waiting list for an investigative procedure with a possible opportunity to divide the scar tissue if possible. 

To 'celebrate' this, I napped. Hard. So the photographs were taken post nap. This explains the hair! I promise! 

I paired it with my trusty ASDA George blazer (2 Shades of Grey!) and off I went!

Looking at this photo, it looks a little 'soft focus' for my liking, but I wanted to share because of my eyeliner. 

I an a fan of a 'flick', and usually go for a pencil. I recently tried a gel eye liner, but found this wasn't accurate enough for me. I wanted to give the gel another shot, but the brush applicator had dried hard. Booo hiss. 

I them thought I would use the pencil to get the precision, with the black black of the gel. Voila! I'm a fan now!

Also, my lips are loving my No7 double applicator Stay Perfect Lip Lacquer in Flamenco Red. Swooooon

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. Love the swan top and the makeup looks beautiful x

  2. I am new to you blog...and am enjoying reading through it all...I love the dress and blazer combo looks great..I love it xx

  3. i love this dress on you i bought it but haven't worn it yet xx