Thursday 18 February 2016

River Island Plus Range

When the news of River Island, success of the British High Street, was launching a Plus Size collection, My pulse quickened a little.

I mean, River Island was always a no go shop for me. I stared longingly at their pieces when in there with friends, and I never thought the day would come that I would be able to buy a piece from there. Never. 

I read the rest of the news about RI Plus, and my heart soared - it wasn't just a plus size collection, but extending the size range on their MAIN COLLECTION! No token baggy tees, polyester skater dresses or bootleg trousers. But their main range, available in Plus Size! 


Only available from 18 - 24. 

24 does not a plus size collection make!

I took to YouTube, in a rather rambley rant about why this wasn't good enough. 

Today, news broke that their collection would be available from 9th March, along with a sneak view of what we can expect to see. 

I am in love with this duster jacket - all geometric print and colour:

And this wrap dress looks so floaty and feminine - for those days when you fancy being a bit 1940s:

But RI, pretty pieces aren't enough - what about those above a 24? I wear a 24, and if the pieces run on the small size, I'm sized out of this range. 

If this was a smaller company, I would understand with dipping their toe in the plus size market, but River Island are no small company. 

It's my understanding that this will be available in flagship stores only, meaning that once again, for the plus size (all 2 sizes) pieces, we're limited to on line shopping. Still.

 Yes, it's a step forward. but a very very small step, and we demand more. We deserve more.

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. Absolutely a small step, and a pretty disappointing one!

  2. It really is too small-a-step! I am so disappointed that they're only extending by 3 sizes and really hope they listen to their critics and expand it further cause it really would sell out in minutes, they only need to look at Lady Volup to see how in-demand the larger sizes are!

    C xx

  3. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO over half arsed plus size ranges coming out with vague promises to increase the size range past a size 24 at a later date. I'm still waiting for many other companies who promised this to make good on it. And you know what boils my piss the most? When these half arsed ranges come out and bloggers who fit the range imply those who don't should be grateful for the few crumbs we're thrown. So thanks very much for not doing that. :) xx

  4. Sorry River Island this doesn't impress me at all offering just three more sizes is pathetic and let me guess the same old chestnut of well lets see how it goes and we may expand the range will be trotted out yet again! xx