Wednesday 4 November 2015

When dresses become tunics...

When Dorothy Perkins released their Curve range (size 18 - 28), I scoured their range out of interest, and found the usual plus size staples of skater dresses (and I love a good skater dress), and muted colours. 

There was one piece that piqued my interest, and that is the houndstooth tunic dress. I liked that it wasn't the 'flattering' cut you'd expect, and who doesn't like houndstooth!

And I did what most probably did, and mentally filed the dress away in the 'maybe, after pay day' folder of my brain, and got on with my day. 

The delightful Charli messaged me to say she loved the dress tooo, and wondered if we could do a 'same Dress / Different Size' kinda deal. YEAHA! I was up for that! We're both on the tall side (I'm 5'10), and with Charli an 18, and me a solid 24, we were pretty much at both ends of the size spectrum. 

After coming to this agreement, DP had a conflicting message on their IG account, given that they had just launched a plus size range. 

I took to twitter, and the team behind Shame Body Shame, to question how this was appropriate for their brand to share, given what they had just launched. 

Over DM, we discussed the message this gave to the new followers, and I made a few suggestions on how to resolve this moving forward. As a thank you and apology for the posting, I was gifted a voucher which was swiftly dispatched.

Now, a brand who not only apologised, without opting for the 'sorry you're offended' cop out, but also listened to thoughts and recommendations of how to improve - are given a second chance in my book!

Coupled with a website promotion, this dress was then covered as part of their apology / thank you:

A perfect addition to my attempt to smarten up my work wardrobe!

I teamed it with leggings, because, as I predicted, it is just  a fraction too short to rock with tights (bum on display level of awkwardness!)

Charli, wearing the same dress, had made it look like a different dress! Teaming it with a belt was a goods move, as I saw it without, and the 18 was just a little to big for her, and so opted to cinch in the waist! Curves for days that woman!! 

The shift in this is less roomy that some might expect, but just what I was going for! VBO be damned, I feel really cute in this dress, and am looking forward to teaming it with biker boots and leggings for the office.

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. Who are these two incredibly hot and stylish gals?

    You look fantastic in this my dear - it suits you to a tee!

    C xx

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