Friday 4 September 2015

Sprinkle of Glitter for Simply Be

The Sprinkle Of Glitter for Simply Be
 collection hit the (online) shops recently, and I'm not going to lie, I really liked the collection. 

It fits in with what I would class as my 'go to style' - while I may flirt with other looks, I know that a good full skirt is waiting for me at home!!

Yes, I would like to have seen some variation with the silhouette, but this is Louise designing clothes she would want to wear! It's an interchangeable capsule collection!

When my order arrived (not of the whole collection, just my favourite pieces) I took to instagram to share my immediate thoughts, including those styles which didn't quite work!

And that reminded me how I used to share what was going back, as much as I did what I was keeping - and I missed that. I miss explaining why something doesn't work, or isn't what I was expecting.

Now, lets talk material - the top is a lovely cotton feel - and has some stretch, although not much difference between the 22 and the 24 in the top - and while this is the 22, I've opted for the 24 in the top so I can wear it with the bib!

Now, lets talk about this dungaree dress shall we? 

The skirt is a short skater number, which means (for me and my 5'10 tallness) it's leggings only. The waistband does have some give in it, and the pockets are good, deep pockets. There is a side fastening (zip) but I just pull it over my head!! 

Now, the bib. The bib itself just doesn't seem wide enough - like it's not been sized up with everything else. However, I do like that the straps have two lengths available to allow for varying bust sizes!!

Again, I wasn't expecting it to be this good a quality skirt - the heavy nature of the material means it hangs well, the netting puffs it out, and the lining means your tights don't get clicked by the netting! Win! 

I ordered it in two sizes (again, a 22 and a 24) as depending on the give on the waist I may have needed the smaller size. There is no give in the waist band. So if anything, you might need to size up in this. 

The ballerina wrap top was a last minute decision to be added to my basket, so I stuck with the 24 - and as we can see, the bust area doesn't really fit me!! 

I'm tempted to size down and see if that improves the fit at all, but anything like a stitch or a pin would ruin the way the top lies. 

I do, however, really like how these colours go together and may just have to look out for this in a smaller size! 

The Sprinkle of Glitter collection is a slice of femme joy, and I get that it only speaks to some style aesthetics, but me and my wardrobe are very happy with the pieces I'm keeping: Dungaree dress in a 24; rose coloured skirt in a 24; breton top in a 24 - and I can't wait to see how I can incorporate them into my corporate dress code!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

**Disclaimer** Please remember that these photos were taken as part of the immediate trying on session!


  1. I love the whole collection and was waiting to see it on one of my babes before deciding on buying - you look incredible! I've decided I want the skirt and the playsuit they've done as well. Also, hello boobs! You're such a super babe! 😍 xxx

    1. The skirt is lush - I kinda wish it was in another colour - maybe a grey? But thanks! Boobs without warning are a dangerous thing though!! xx

  2. Holy boobs, batman! :) I love that pink skirt. xx

    1. I'm super glad I got it - wearing it to work right now and really don't feel over dressed in it at all (was a little worried I would)

      And yus, should have had a warning out there about my boobs xx

  3. I really like this collection. The dungaree dress especially is really lovely. However, I agree that the bib could be a bit wider.

    Thanks for a great, detailed review - it's always nice to hear what worked and what did not. xx

    1. I think I'll be going trying on posts more often - then a more 'polished' styled post.

      Lets see!


  4. That last photo though. You look smokin'!!

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