Monday 27 October 2014

Where is my head at?

This is a very self involved post, so please indulge me!

Most of my dating encounters have been one offs. I have so many dating horror stories I wouldn't think to bore you with them (although I am happy to put these, frankly, raw thoughts down for all to read, which seems a little backwards frontwards) so much so, that I'd signed off the on line dating scene some months ago, after a particularly awful situation which could have been a lot worse. 

What that led to was a very sweet - and organic - relationship starting, one that seemed to have something the other dates didn't - a second date, and even a third!

And then nothing. It just ended. No drama. No reason given. Just ended. 

And I don't know why. 

I'm now not sure if, a week on, the reason I'm writing this is to get an answer, or if it is just to vent and scream and cry. 

It does seem a ridiculously melodramatic reaction over something that barely lasted a month (and I'm including my 2 week holiday in that time frame), but the thoughts will not stop whirling around my head. 

I am finding it hard to get past this one - whatever the reason. 

If anyone needs me, I'm under a blanket on my settee with the ice cream.

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. Hugs. It's never nice when things end with no 'closure'. I think our minds always come up with horrible reasons and knowing is ultimately a lot kinder than being left hanging. x x

    1. Ha, it's flipping awful not knowing. Slowly trying to piece myself together and dust myself down x

  2. this happened to me a couple of times with internet dating. It hurts like hell.

  3. Thanks Cate, sadly this was a real life situation, not an internet one - and I knew them before we got together... making it rather difficult

  4. I agree with Leah, I think with anything you do need that closure or you're always left wondering and that in turn just makes things escalate in your head and you go over every silly little thing, trying to work out what happened.